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Sep 21, 2011 9:00am EDT
leaders, gathered for the united nations general assembly meeting. >> he has a full schedule sitting down with ten world leaders, sarah simmons back in studio with more. >>> well, among those ten world leaders he is meeting, president obama with heads of israel and palestinian authority he is hoping to avoid a diplomatic show down between them palestinian president, is said to ask the un to recognize palestine as an independent country president obama will try to convince the palestinian president not to make his request if he does the u.s. will be in the difficult position to use its veto. meanwhile yesterday, president obama sat down with libya's rebel leader and said the world would stand beside the libyans as they rebuild the country. >> united states lead the effort to pass a historic resolution at the security council authorizing all necessary measures to protect the libyan people. when the civilians were threat ped with a massacre we exercised that authority this is is how the international community should work in the 21st century. more nations baring the responsibility and costs
Sep 23, 2011 7:00am EDT
not belong in the united nations general assembly. he is a terrorist. >> reporter: he didn't discuss the two american hikers held in iran two years or their nuclear program. a spokesman for u.s. ambassadors susan right said mahmoud ahmadinejad turned to abhorrent anti-semitic slurs and despicable conspiracy theories. eric shawn, fox news. >>> it's 7:37 now on a friday morning. we are still three days away, but the excitement is building about monday's redskins' game against the dreaded cowboys. dave ross joins us for a preview. >>> flash flood watch in effect later this morning. that's the view now. you can see the traffic on wisconsin avenue in northwest d.c. tony has a look at the forecast coming up yet again, and julie will help us get through the fog as well. it's now 7:38. mm >>> 7:41 now. it's dallas week. >> never too early. >> always a bigger game when you're playing dallas, especially in dallas. we've had trouble there in the past. you have a national audience watching. you'll hear great things about the redskins. a lot of people
Sep 22, 2011 9:00am EDT
leader at the united nations last night. the president addressed the general assembly saying negotiations with israel will lead to a peaceful settlement palestinians are going ahead for their push for un membership tomorrow. >> developing news from capitol hill where there has been a surprised defeat of a bill to keep the government running past next friday. democrats and 50 tea party republicans oppose major parts to have bill that dealt with disaster aid and spending cuts, gop hard liners were upset it dealt with disaster money without making cuts elsewhere. despite predictions fema will run out of money in the next few days, democrats don't like $1.5 billion in a government loan program that help make fuel efficient vehicles. >> central bank is using a $400 billion plan to stimulate the economy called operation twist last used in the early 1960s involved selling short term securities to buy long term treasury the move is supposed to lower long term interest rates but critics sea rates are already low and operation -- kittings say rates are already low and operation twist will only incr
Sep 21, 2011 7:00am EDT
of meeting global challenges. in fact, this is the very purpose of this united nations. >> now as far as the palestinians go, the president may get a nonvoting observer status for palestine in the general assembly where there is a lot of support for the 193 member states. >>> the federal reserve expected to announce a plan to boost the slumping economy most economists expect them to ship money out of short term securities and into longer term holdings the move could reduce rates on mortgages and other loans. this comes as officials of the imf say those in the united states and europe could flip back to recession next year financial turmoil and slow growth are feeding on each other. through the end of next year financial officials add stronger growth in china, india brazil should offset weaker out put in the u.s. and europe. >>> new developmentments in the -- developments in the beat down of a university of maryland student during riots interyou wanted a basketball -- interrupted a basketball game. >> for years it has been an unfortunate tradition here at university of maryland, after
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4